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​Are you easily reachable?

Generally, I respond to each request within 24 hours. Remember to check your spam.

Do you work alone or with a team ?

Depending on the service required, it's preferable to work as a team with several cameramen. For example, during the ceremony, I can concentrate on the bride and groom, the second cameraman on the guests and the third on the drone. My two main cameramen are based in Paris, which is convenient for easy travel.

Do you work with other photographers than those proposed? 

Yes, I work with several different photographers, those proposed are more usual.

Can we meet you before the wedding? 

Yes, it is always better to get to know each other to learn more about yourself. If a physical appointment is not possible, we can make a Visio.

What do you prefer-filming you at a wedding? 

 My goal is to create an unforgettable memory, it is important for me to film the human, your emotions, what you see and what you don't see, the place, the details... I don't have moment preferred, although games and children's gestures are always unexpected with their innocent look.

When will we receive the film?

Generally, it takest count between 1 to 4 months depending on the length of the film and if we are in high or low season. It all depends on the current workload.

How do you work?

Quite discreetly, sometimes the guests ask me at the end of the evening who I am. I sometimes ask you for a few scenes depending on the light of the moment but generally I stay natural, except if you want 100% scripted. 

What material do you use?

A fairly discreet professional hybrid body and lenses without autofocus with a very large aperture in order to have beautiful blurs, my main one being a 35mm focal length with an F0.95 aperture. A recorder plugged into a mixing desk for the speeches if possible, otherwise a shotgun microphone on my box.

Are you perfectly bilingual in French and English?

No, I'm French and I'm improving my English every day. I use translation and transcription tools during editing and exchanges.

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