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The experience "Amore Mio"
through Europe

3 minute movie + one phohtographer: Megane

"Amore Mio" is an exceptional marriage proposal performance to capture the magical moment when love takes on a new dimension. This unique event is meticulously orchestrated to create an unforgettable experience. Carefully chosen romantic backdrops guarantee stunning images, capturing the pure emotion and wonder of this precious moment. "Amore Mio" turns your marriage proposal into a true work of art, to be cherished and shared for years to come.

"I attach great importance to your tender gestures and your mischievous looks. You have fun and are wonderful!" Megane.

- Orientation session and guided tour of a European destination


- Shooting session 3 to 4 hours of coverage

- Film of about 3 minutes


- Shooting with Drone (depending on authorizations and weather conditions)


- Private online gallery

- €150 gift card for prints, album and products

- 5% discount on services Wedding Wedd'in Time and Mégane

Couple de mariés dans les lavandes
Portrait de mariage, couple de mariés dans un château

Duo Photo - Video Chic

The photographer: Emmanuel


Emmanuel is a passionate photographer whose chic and elegant style captures the crazy love that emanates from the bride and groom. Her artistic sensitivity allows her to capture the most intimate and meaningful moments of a wedding day. With his caring and professional approach, he is able to put couples at ease in front of the lens, creating a positive and memorable photographic experience.

" Because I love couples crazy in love and sharing moments of joy, I allow myself to believe, that you can only see well with the heart.."  Emmanuel.


Emmanuel's travel expenses are extra.

- Full D-Day report

- Presence of the Preparations for the Cake


- Shooting with Drone (depending on authorizations and weather conditions)


- Private online gallery

- 500 digital photos minimum

Duo Photo - Video Prestige

The photographer: Marion

Marion is an experienced and talented wedding photographer, specializing in luxury and Fine Art style. For many years, she has captured the most precious and moving moments of her newlyweds in exceptional reception venues. Thanks to her expertise and attention to detail, her photos are beautifully composed and reflect the love and beauty of each couple. Marion, passionate about her profession, creating images that tell a story and remain etched in our memories forever.

"I particularly like soft and luminous images that evoke joy, love and tenderness."  Marion.


Marion's travel expenses are extra.

- Reportage complet du jour J

- Présence des Préparatifs à la Pièce Montée


- Prise de vue avec Drone ( selon autorisations et conditions météorologiques )


- Galerie privée en ligne

- 500 photos numériques minimum

Couple de mariés qui courent dans les lavandes
Marion signature2.png
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